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what is common here?

A small clinic that created a new model of health delivery whilst mitigating a deadly health disaster affecting thousands--The Sambhavana Trust Clinic

Motorbike riders  delivering and collecting samples and medicines, closing the last-mile gap-Riders for Health

Restoration &revitalization of a historic building to house the community's most vulnerable- Community Housing of Maine

There is value being created here,


People around the world are finding innovative solutions to solve some of the toughest problems we are facing today, under tight resource constraints. QUIET VALUE is ambitious. We admire them but urge you to be one of them.....,

and, we're breaking down the process for you!

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Quiet Value is a groundbreaking project that deconstructs and analyzes the social innovation process, across different genre and from around the world. 

We gather here interesting social innovations, thinkers and practitioners from around the world. Through a series of in-depth case studies and firsthand discussions, we examine some very successful social innovations. These extensive studies have enabled us to map their process from idea to implementation, identifying various roles and pressure points; value propositions and measurable metrics.

The amazing social innovations we see today hardly started that way. An idea or personal story might have sparked the beginning, but they were all followed with careful development work, a lot of networking and support from several stakeholders, some spanning several years before being implemented, let alone seeing success. And a lot of persistence, trial and error, multitasking, bad decisions,  and immense patience!

Be it as an aspiring innovator or stakeholder, intrapreneur or researcher, whatever your role, Quiet Value gives a deeper understanding into what goes into making an idea a reality. Seeing some game-changing innovations disseminated and organizations analyzed, innovators sharing their ideas and expertise serves as a launch pad to crystallize your own ideas into a plan and from there, there's no stopping you! 

So go on, explore!!


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Categories have been sorted on need and role-type. Interesting social innovations from around the world are showcased paying attention to the process. Logic diagrams are used heavily to show the interlocked and overlapping non-linear nature of social innovations.


Innovators and stakeholders have been invited to share their journeys. In-depth discussions, organizational analyses and context (the setting) have been combined to create case studies. The innovators and stakeholders have been asked to look back on their journey and draw attention to those factors that made a difference to the process. A segment within each case is devoted to words of advice and pointers from the innovators and stakeholders.


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Who am I?

Featured on Quiet Value

Co-founder Andrea Coleman deep dives into the international healthcare delivery masterstroke  that is Riders for Health, mapping the process from idea to implementation and beyond; sharing her expertise and advice.

Other featured case studies

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that you cannot sincerely try to help another without helping yourself.

                                                                                          —Ralph Waldo Emerson 






There are several ways one can innovate and support innovation. The key is to be realistic about what one can do and what is viable. Just because what one really wants to do is not feasible right now, does not mean one cannot do something else that supports social innovation in the meanwhile!!


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