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The Analysis: A deeper look into the farmers' market model offered at the Fresno location, how it came about, nuances, value propositions and red flags within; Also highlights the responsibilities and limitations of an intrapreneurial effort.

Of interest to those in, wanting to get into or support :

Those with intrapreneurial ambitions, facilitating small to medium operations, larger organizations looking to be socially innovative (as opposed to just CSR), creating access to fresh food, those looking for ideas where financial transactions are not allowed and leveraging /building upon an existing idea

KP Write up

We are very thankful to current Market Champion Meredith Murillo [also the Communications Manager at the hospital!] for sharing her insights about the process of planning and running the Farmers' market at the Fresno campus of Kaiser Permanente Hospital.


She has been central to this market from the beginning, then re-ideating, changing market models and now running it for over 15 years as a thriving weekly fixture. 


WHAT: Fresh and prepared food market on the Kaiser Permanente Fresno campus

WHEN: Every Wednesday 10 AM- 1PM (Local Time)

FOR: The entire community, patients, visitors & Staff

VENDORS: 26 & counting

SINCE: 2005 

NUMBER OF HOSPTIAL STAFF INVOLVED: 1 Market Champion who devotes 25% work week hours on this;  2-3 support staff who devote anywhere from 3-5% of their work week

MODEL OF OPERATION: Direct Sourcing. As in, the Farmers' Market team at the hospital (the Communications Department in this case), has direct dealings with each vendor; Not run through a market facilitating association.


the process

The following set of analyses show the various stages in the innovation process.

  • Text in the main box (white background) explain the process, aka. what was done.

  • Further pointers (colored post-it callouts) highlight how & why some decisions and moves in the process continuum led to the accrual of value over the entire life cycle of the social venture.


The Map has been created to allow the reader to be able to see the different phases involved as well as be able to understand the significance of each move & how those contributed to the ultimate success.

Being open-minded and seeking help from every available resource is a hallmark of those working in this field of social innovation and enterprise. 

Accordingly, these case studies have been presented in such a way that people with ideas from disparate areas of work can seek some inspiration and commonality. Maybe the geography, or the cultural context or just the manner in which resources were used could be applied it toward their own venture.

Click on image to view larger size images; Alternately, simply click on the thumbnails below to see different stages of the innovation process. 

The Process Map- key
The Context
Plan & Implementation Issues
Funding & Implementation
People, Goodwill & Unique Attributes

The Farmers Market at Kaiser Permanente Fresno can be contacted here


Click on image to open  larger size gallery. Alternately, click on right of image to see gallery. Hover over each image to see description.

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