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Rules of the game!

Here are some do's and don'ts. As much as we love to see your work and what you have to say, we have some rules you need to play by. And we're very strict about it! Read on....


We're keeping it simple. Not a lot of restrictions. Your blog should however pertain to at least one of the following:


  • Your definition of social innovation, social enterprise or social purpose

  • An anecdotal experience you'd like to share

  • A social innovator or entrepreneur you think we should know about

  • Share an idea or thought

  • If you work at a socially innovative organization or are a social innovator / entrepreneur, consider: "How it works" - explain your organization's work, or how your innovation works  OR  "A day in the life of"-- describe your own role (within your organization and what makes it tick for you!!)

  • What you think is needed to grow the field- ideas, thoughts and suggestions of what is missing and what we need to make this field more attractive (and paying!!)

  • What we can do to popularize the field 

  • Outside perspective -- if your everyday work is far removed from all this, how do you connect with the field, how do you understand it? What do you think can be done to increase awareness about this field...

  • Articles, books and data you'd like to share

  • Research and theory (we would be delighted to see this!!!)

  • If you are a student, we would love to read about your work / project and could also get valuable feedback in return!


* If you and your organization members wish to write more than one blog, please let us know, we can work on that!

 *If your idea does not fall into any of these, please contact us with your idea, we can discuss it further.

*Sign up on Quiet Value to get a better, deeper idea of what we are all about.


  • Check for spelling errors and make sure your sentences are grammatically correct!  

  • Do not use this as a space to vent or use it for furthering an agenda of your own

  • Do not target another person by making a personal attack or accusation, it simply will not be tolerated. 

  • You can be critical of a certain policy or organization's actions, as long as it does not get personal and irrational

  • Stay apolitical. Quiet Value is very firm on that. We do not encourage the promoting or decrying of political parties, politicians and associated things. You are welcome to talk about the upside or downside of policies as it affects the topic you are writing about, but we do not condone and frankly, we are not interested in what your preferences are where politics is concerned.

  • If you are not writing in English, let us know ahead. The process for that is different.  We welcome work from all parts of the world, in fact we would prefer it that way! Do not make language a barrier, just let us know ahead of time, preferably at the time of submitting your interest.

  • All blogs & comments will be moderated and QV reserves the right to take down any entry we find inappropriate or offensive.

  • Use high def images and video content and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT to media content, quotes and other things that are not originally yours!


  • Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash are three sites with royalty free images. Use them if need be. (We're building a resource kit to give you all sort of tips and free tools.)

  • If you are stuck with anything regarding images, or other tools or not sure whether something is copyrighted or not, DO NOT USE IT! 

  • Quiet Value reserves the right to publish or remove a guest blog for any reason it deems not suitable for the platform and our decision is final.

Well, that about covers it all!! So, happy writing and see you on the blog!!

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