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From Enforcement to Engagement....Sgt. Chris Cognac weighs in on Social Innovation in Law Enforcement

What it is and why it works...

A general discussion with some pointers about the positives and hardships of social innovation in law enforcement

Sgt. Chris Cognac shares some tips about being social innovative



If there is one area that lacks social innovations and entrepreneurial initiatives, it is in law enforcement. This is consistent from around the world! And so, when something like Coffee with a Cop (CWAC) comes along, it is heartening to see it catching on and spreading, around the globe, from Africa to Australia, North America to Europe with inquiries coming from Asia as well.

The idea is simple enough, go hang out with your local cop and over a cup of coffee, chat with them, ask questions, get clarifications and if your problem is simple enough, they fix it for you right there. And you don’t pay for the coffee!! So, why did it take all the way till 2011 for something like this to start? Why is it so hard to be socially entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) and innovative in law enforcement? What are some barriers and advantages to being socially entrepreneurial in the field of law enforcement?

Sgt. Chris Cognac of the Hawthorne PD in the state of California USA, seems to be the go-to man. The man who started and continues to actively manage and nurture CWAC lends his expertise here. Growing it from one event at Hawthorne to over 10,000 sessions in 6 years, he is involved in several communally beneficial activities (see box below) and is now (as of Nov 2017) looking at creating a nonprofit status for CWAC with its own board and management.


Sgt. Cognac weighs in with his expertise in community engagement about innovation and law enforcement.



'Do not ask for money. Ask for time instead. And donations in-kind. Ask people for what they can do, what they can give you. Asking for money turns off people. In fact, try and get your idea off the ground with as little money as possible, chances of implementing will then be at its highest'- Sgt. Cognac. 

Image courtesy: Coffee with a Cop website. (Downloaded Dec.4 2017)

Law Enfocrement in gen



Law Enforcement is different from other sensitive areas like, say healthcare as there are many complex areas involving individuals, the government and public safety. This makes innovating very complex with several layers of  governmental and law enforcement -related rules and statutes. One must have the patience and propensity to work with this, in addition to the regular chaos of innovating if they want to make a socially innovative breakthrough in this area.

Image courtesy: Coffee with a Cop website. (Downloaded Dec.4 2017)

Soc Inno and Cognac

JUST DOING MY JOB..... Social Innovation Pointers from Sgt. Chris Cognac

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