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Welcome to the QV Blog!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

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After long last, here we are, with the Quiet Value blog! In the blog section, we bring interesting insight, anecdotal experiences, new products and services, tell you about social entrepreneurs and innovators who are changing the world, true Quiet Value style, invite guest bloggers, to hear what they have to say!

We plan to bring in loads of content, from around the world and from people and organizations directly to make this truly a one-stop space for social innovation-related knowledge.

We've no interest in inspiring you...we want to motivate you!

Quiet Value is not about hero stories, it is not about how someone overcame the odds to do social good. It is about the nuts and bolts....the how, the how an idea went to implementation and beyond, how long did it take, how much resources, what kinds of impediments and so on....the blog will be no different. We are so not interested in inspiring you because the drop-off rate for inspiration is'll read it, get excited and then in 3 days it is all forgotten. Remember the ab-cruncher you bought after reading that rather inspirational story? The learn-at-home-Italian language books and CD? You know, the one you bought after someone told you how this 90 year old man learnt a new language in 3 weeks? Yeah, we don't want to inspire you....

By giving deeper and process based insight, we want to motivate you to incorporate socially entrepreneurial and innovative modes in your life! The organizations and people on Quiet Value are all regular people, they just went about doing things with grit and determination, staying focused and motivated. Through the case studies, and now through the blog, they share their own outlook to motivate the rest of us!

So, how about we get started?? Our first guest blogger is Duane Elverum, co-founder of City Studio Vancouver. An amazingly simple idea yet, very complex to negotiate into reality! He brings insight into how harnessing young minds can bridge the gap between local governments and universities to create city-wide and region-wide changes.... and it is a model that is being replicated, making it a doubly interesting project in social innovation!

Read on... but more importantly, get motivated!

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