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    Meet Quiet Value, your one-stop platform for knowing everything about

    the social innovation process. 

    Quiet Value is a members-only platform focused on the social innovation process. From social innovations and entrepreneurs to an exhaustive glossary, it is a dynamic platform for anyone interested in social innovation. Be it as an entrepreneur, stakeholder, student or mainstream for-profit corporate working toward the triple bottom-line Quiet Value is an information pool that assists you in achieving your goal.

    What is it?

    Quiet Value bridges the gap between generic knowledge and hero-stories. It is research driven, but not an academic treatise on social innovation; it gets personal, in-depth and specific with organizations, their processes and the people.


    From around the world and across business models...some operate at an international scale, some at the community level- all equally successful, equally innovative.


    Information here comes directly from social innovators, innovative organizations and team members within. Triangulating hours of discussion notes with documents given by the organizations and other articles, each innovator / innovative organization is presented as a 'case study' for ease of understanding.

    Some of the biggest names and most interesting organizations from around the world have shared their thinking here. 

    What's in it...

    Some of the people and organizations....

    A departure from hero stories

    Focus is on the innovation process, ideologies and insight. This is not a compilation of hero-stories of overcoming odds. It represents a practical know-how straight from social innovators and their organizations. 

    Understanding the creative mind

    In the Creative Thinkers section, several innovators have shared their outlook and philosophy on what it takes to get an idea off the ground and into implementation and scaling. Talking to them has been a privilege and their commitment to this, to help others is a humbling experience.

    Vickie Cammack: Tyze, RDSP, PLAN
    Satinath Sarangi: Sambhavana Clinic
    Andrea Coleman: Riders for Health
    Jo Nzerem: Ashoka, Human Angle

    From idea to implementation

    Showcasing 'organizational analyses' of  different kind. Mapping the process of how an idea becomes a tangible product/service, what impediments lie along the way, and how scaling is not always the right choice.


    A comprehensive glossary of over 100 basic terms that everyone in this field ought to know. 

    And for those not very familiar wit the field, an excellent starting point!!

    Introducing the Quiet Value Blog!!

    We're very happy to say our QV Blog section is finally ready!! 

    The blog is about sharing personal anecdotes, opinions, sharing new ideas and generally throw more light into this area of social innovation, enterprise, responsibility and purpose.

    We invite guest bloggers on a regular basis to contribute as well. Some write the blog, some take the form of a conversation, but in all, it's full of information and knowledge. 

    Duane Elverum, Executive Director of CityStudio Vancouver is our first guest blogger and he tells us how the project works and the benefits of bringing together a city's powerful players catalyzes systemic change....


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    As a social innovator or a for-profit organization looking for avenues to be socially innovative (via Corporate Social Responsibility or otherwise), QV Consulting is set up to help you in your (innovation driven) journey.

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