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what is common here?

A small clinic that created a new model of health delivery whilst mitigating a deadly health disaster affecting thousands--The Sambhavana Trust Clinic

Motorbike riders  delivering and collecting samples and medicines, closing the last-mile gap-Riders for Health

Restoration &revitalization of a historic building to house the community's most vulnerable- Community Housing of Maine

There is value being created here,


People around the world are finding innovative solutions to solve some of the toughest problems we are facing today, under tight resource constraints. QUIET VALUE is ambitious. We admire them but urge you to be one of them.....,

and, we're breaking down the process for you!

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Quiet Value is a groundbreaking project that deconstructs and analyzes the social innovation process, across different genre and from around the world. 

Our purpose is simple- to help to those wanting to innovate, support or be entrepreneurial for social good.


As a first step, we have gathered some social innovations and thought leaders and made an attempt to understand their (social) innovation process, through all its non-linear and iterative phases. These extensive studies have enabled us to map their process from idea to implementation, identifying various roles and pressure points; value propositions and measurable metrics.

Social innovations come in various forms. It is not typified by any one industry or organization or geography. There are no labels for doing social good. At Quiet Value we have a broader, more holistic understanding of social innovation and enterprise - one with collective value at its core and innovation as its driving power. Quiet Value is for anyone interested in social innovation- innovators and entrepreneurs, stakeholders, researchers, supply chain management personnel etc. 


One can be socially innovative and entrepreneurial irrespective of whether they are a for-profit corporation, nonprofit, dedicated social enterprise or an intrapreneur. It could be a one-off project, a partnership or a collaborative effort. Geography, size or industry type is no barrier. However, little is known about the innovation process itself, leaving those interested and those in the field with vague pieces of information. Little else is known beyond the 'grit and determination in the face of tight resources' saga, which is quite really the case with every social innovation and enterprise.


In response, we have created here a set of case studies, showcasing the innovation process through different phases- from around the world and ranging from multimillion dollar facilities to those on a shoestring budget. They are presented with practical help in mind- we want those reading to benefit from it in some tangible ways. This has been the intent of those who have contributed it too- the innovators and entrepreneurs whose work is covered here. They have shared their thoughts and processes with the sole purpose of helping others, beyond the 'feel good' factor. These are continual and ongoing and we will add cases on a regular basis.

Presented in a crisp format using diagrams and matrices, (as in, not pages and pages of reading!) the case studies, we hope, will allow you to identify commonalities with your own idea and enable you to adapt it to your own situation. Even as we work toward creating more value for those in this field, we urge you to be more than just a passive reader and get active- asking questions, leaving feedback and requesting information. An interactive blog will be launched soon to start discussions and collaborations.


So go on, explore and make your idea work! 

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Image credit: Downloaded from Pexel, March 2018

Who am I?

the case studies

The case studies showcased here represent some  basic walks of life- healthcare, food, law enforcement, community resources and so on. The innovations are however versatile in their appeal and fall under more than one category and hold appeal to more than one industry. A mention has been made at the top of each case study indicating the same*.


Innovators and stakeholders have been invited to share their journeys. In-depth discussions, organizational analyses and context (the setting) have been combined to create individual case studies. Not all of them follow the same format, for we do not seek the same thing from all of them. Some are process disseminations, some are organizational analyses. In addition, thought leaders share their ideas and insights about what social innovation means in their area of work.


Every element in the case study is clearly marked to give the reader a clear idea even at quick glance. We urge the reader to go through each case carefully, paying attention to all aspects. Irrespective of what your own idea is, these case studies might help you find common ground, help in honing your thoughts. The innovators (and their teams) have been very candid in their advice and inputs, wanting their journey to be of more than just an inspiring story.


Please do not hesitate to ask questions or clarifications, we will respond in 3-5 business days. Please also leave feedback, ideas and suggestions. We want  this to be of actual use to those associated with the field- as innovators, stakeholders, researchers and more.

*This is done to show the viability and versatility of the social venture across industries. This is also very useful in itself. Knowing the various sectors in which a venture can belong to can help with things like funding, finding investors, applying for grants, diversifying audience base and scaling among other things.

Some featured Case Studies

Image credit: Jens Johnsonn; downloaded from Pexel, March 2018






There are several ways one can innovate and support innovation. The key is to be realistic about what one can do and what is viable. Just because what one really wants to do is not feasible right now, does not mean one cannot do something else that supports social innovation in the meanwhile!!


Click to see a detailed map of various roles in social innovation where you could fit in.

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