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Quiet Value

The Social Innovation Knowledge Sharing Platform
Why Quiet Value?

As someone immersed in the field of social innovation and enterprise, over the years, during my PhD and after, there was one question that did not get answered- how? How does an innovation go from idea to implementation and beyond. How is a socially innovative organization structured and how is it different from a regular organization? How does the (socially) innovative mind work?


I started Quiet Value is in direct response to that.

Given that most information available is either generic or filled with hero-stories, there is little help for those who want to know the specifics, those who want to understand the innovation process. Whether you are an innovator somewhere in the process, or someone aspiring the question is the same- how do you navigate some of the hurdles in the face of stringent resource paucity? And if you are a stakeholder, where can our input make the most impact?


Quiet Value is that platform trying to bridge the gap between the generic knowledge  and the hero-stories!


 It gets specific, personal and in-depth, examining some game changing social enterprises. This is aimed as a practical tool that everyone interested in this field can directly benefit from. It is driven by in-depth research, actual research where we have followed up with some organizations for years!

Social innovations change and morph and we make sure our cases reflect those too, so we regularly re-visit our cases, talk to innovators and their teams periodically.


It is a trove of information and knowledge with constant updates. So sign up, get full access and get cracking! We're open to questions (use the Contact Us form below), so make use of that, we will get back to you.


If it is consulting services you are looking for, click here.


We work with every type of organization, for-profits wanting to incorporate innovation in their core agenda, non-profits trying to push the envelope or social enterprises wanting to improve or start their innovation process. (This is a separate entity and not a part of the Quiet Value Knowledge Platform).

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Aparna Saligrama, PhD|
Founder, Quiet Value



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