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Every case study presented here is a research study in itself. Each has taken anywhere from 8 weeks to a few years in the making. An in-depth understanding of the innovation, its business model, its operational and funding structure not to mention context and environmental factors has made it possible to present these case studies in a comprehensive yet simple manner.


The inputs from innovators (and their team members) span several discussions and asynchronous communication over several weeks (and months in some cases). They have taken a deeper interest in the making of the case studies and have provided information and discussed their process and operations so others can benefit. Quiet Value is very grateful to them for this.


We have done our best to categorize our case studies (aided by a comprehensive content analyses) under certain key areas;  After going through the case studies, you may be able to identify other areas that they might fall under, areas we have missed; or add newer areas under which their innovation aligns with!! (This also goes to the nature of social innovations, they are flexible, they morph and change over time.)

what category does an innovation fall under??

The diagram below shows the case studies and the multiple categories they fall into. The categories are not just different industries or desired outcomes; they list the different areas each innovation touches in its quest for social equity. This also shows the applicability of the idea in different directions.

This should give the reader an idea not only of the multiple attributes of each case, but also allow them to examine their own idea and attach different possible attributes to it. A more practical outcome of this exercise is that it enables a more focused look at funding, partnerships and collaborative efforts. Some seemingly unrelated areas could well be a viable option!!

The cases are presented in a step by step matrix for ease of reading. Their process disseminated to create commonality.

The use of color post-it callouts draw attention to how various points in the process that have  transformed ideas from good ones to game-changing ones. 


Value-propositions, role-based alerts, areas unique to social innovations, 'immovable' elements, things that the innovator would simply not budge on etc., have been given due credence. We urge you to pay attention to color-codes as they hold a specific meaning within the case.


Please Note: The network map indicates only those areas pertinent to the case studies published on Quiet Value so far. It is by no means a full list of areas and attributes that social innovations touch. This will be modified  as we gather more cases.

The network connections are NOT hierarchical in any way; they simply show the various area of operation and work the innovations incorporate.

Go through the map and examine the interconnectivity of attributes for each innovation. Then click on the  innovation (name) to take you to the case study;

Alternately, scroll past the network map to see brief descriptions of the case studies.


Click on the thumbnail image or title below to take you the case study of your choice. We suggest you read examine them all; You never know where an idea is lurking!!

Motorbikes for transporting medicines, samples and more, connecting healthcare workers in far flung areas with hospitals and labs in urban areas, dramatically raising health and wellness levels.

Location: Various Locations, Africa

Facilitating a one-stop community center that brings together services ranging from health & wellness to counseling and legal, with basic facilities like copying machines for a rural community that fell in a 'service gap' region. [Also a case of intrapreneurship]

Location: Windsor, Vermont, USA

Ensuring community members, staff, patient and visitors have access to fresh food; Creating a direct-vendor sourcing model to offer a farmers' market on a hospital campus once a week;  [Also a case of intrapreneurship/facilitating]

Location: Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Fresno, California, USA

A housing organization that is redefining 'housing' to mean high quality living and seamless transition into mainstream society for the community's most vulnerable.

Location: Portland, Maine, USA

Walking tours where the homeless or recently homeless act as tour guides showing patrons an 'unseen' side of London. A standout Social Enterprise that is all volunteer run, setting new standards in strategic volunteering.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Creating an whole new model of health delivery, combining a mind-body approach in a low-income urban setting positively impacting the lives of thousands suffering from a massive health disaster

Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Thought Leader Series......


Working for an equitable society, educating people about property rights, empowering women with skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, changing the narrative.

Location: Nigeria, Africa

Thought Leader Series......


Pushing for a change in community relations for law enforcement- from enforcement to engagement, one coffee cup, one soccer game at a time!

[Also a case of intrapreneurship]

Location: Hawthorne, California, USA

A capacity building organization that works dedicatedly with social entrepreneurs of all stages helping them turn ideas to implementation and beyond. Also work tirelessly as a grassroots advocate for the social enterprise sector in the region

Location: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Leveraging a government scheme to reintegrate society's most marginalized residents by training them to give walking tours around Paris. Patrons see a new side of town and tour guides learn valuable interaction skills

Location: Paris, France

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