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The Projects

Social innovations rarely can be categorized under one sector or industry type. It is not enough to know whether a particular innovation falls under a particular sector, what is equally important is to know where else the innovation that innovation is applicable. This is a key factor in understanding the (ultimate) success of any social innovation and enterprise.

Accordingly, we have categorized our cases on region, operation and drivers to show the multi-faceted nature of social innovations and these are analyzed broadly under process analysis, organizational analysis and creative thinkers.

 The projects have been created to reflect the complexity and versatility of social innovations and enterprises. This we hope will help you in not only seeing what kinds of ideas resonate with you but also show you the various ways your own idea can be categorized, helping with everything from fund-seeking to registering your business.

See Our Methodology to get an idea of how deep and how rigorous we work to ensure each project is well researched and yet presented in an engaging manner.

If you are viewing this on a mobile / cellular device, please note that only A-Z list categorization is enabled. To view all features please view on your favorite browser on a desktop/laptop.

Through our work here, analysis and critique, we hope to broaden the understanding of social innovation to cover all forms of societal good, whatever the model of delivery, approach & structure.


To this end, we have sought some organizations that look like a traditional outfit from the outside, but every bit innovative as any other social enterprise in its approach and attitude.


Click on each title below to see social innovations and innovators sorted and classified according to various categories

This contains all the projects on Quiet Value listed alphabetically. It is typically more useful to do this if you are looking for something specific or searching by organizational name. We recommend you first familiarize yourself with the various ways in which these innovations can be categorized, identify commonalities and use the A-Z list only when you are looking up a particular case study by name.

REGION BASED categorization

Click on each continent name to see social innovations and innovators from that region


OPERATIONAL MODEL based categorization

Click on each model to see social innovations and innovators for each type.

Organizations modeled after traditional nonprofits. Reliant on government tax credits and / or donations & philanthropy. May or may not earn money from sales, service, rent etc. 

Innovations came into being because of another support-base. 

Could be a government scheme [no grant], or a parent organization that is actively supporting the innovation by providing skills and other resources.

Innovations registered as a 'social enterprise'. May still be nonprofit, but government of that country [where innovation is registered] allows for registering the business as a social enterprise.

Organizations following a for-profit model whilst keeping their social innovation agenda front and center,


SECTORS AND DRIVERS based categorization

Shown below are the sectors the social innovations / innovators belong to. Please note this is continuous and ongoing with additions made on a regular basis.


Click on each to take you to sets of case studies. Each social innovation has one or more driving factors that is either central to or greatly contributed to its success, all of which is listed and referenced. 


The A-Z List of Projects

Click here to take you to case studies listed by name. 

This contains no description and might be useful once you are more familiar with the site and / or are looking for something specific. Or you want to look for a particular innovation or organization.



Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the projects put here, or ask questions. Not everything can be represented and some things are too specific. So if you have a query, use the form below and ask away! Rest assured, you will get a reply in 3-5 business days.

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