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Use of walk tours given by the homeless [or people formerly homeless], showing tourists a different side of London. Guides earn money, raising their own standards of living, leading to an increase in wellness levels.

A small enterprise, entirely funded from walking-tour ticket sales, Unseen Tours is making giant strides in terms of recognizing and accommodating this section of society as an equal player in a community who should be given the opportunity to earn a living.

LOCATION: London, England, Europe


Use of tourism as a means to uplifting the homeless or people in similar vulnerable positions. 

Leveraged [and funded] from a government skills' building program for the under privileged, L'Alternative Urbaine works with the homeless/vulnerable and trains them as tour guides, giving tours of Paris.

A strategic approach given that most programs for this section of people relies on grunt work like construction or heavy-lifting.


LOCATION:  Paris, France, Europe

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