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AIM: Seamless integration into mainstream society of a community's most vulnerable through high quality housing

LOCATION: Properties across the state of Maine, headquartered in Portland Maine, USA

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AIM: Law enforcement personnel & community members interact one-on-one over a cup of coffee. 

LOCATION: Various locations around the world; Originated in Hawthorne, California USA

Creative Thinker Series...

AIM: A one-stop enter bringing together agencies for  wellness, social and related services under one roof for the community's benefit.

LOCATION: Windsor, Vermont, USA

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Creative Thinker Series...
Sargeant Chris Cognac

The police officer who started the Coffee with a Cop phenom discusses the role of social innovation in law enforcement.

LOCATION:  Hawthorne, California USA

Vicki Cammack has an unbelievable track record in innovating in areas of caring for the disabled & elderly. From co-creating a registered savings scheme for people with disabilities [RDSP] to creating a virtual social and help network for the disabled and elderly [Tyze], Cammack's work is intense and strategic in its approach to its cause.

She shares with us here her thinking and views on innovation in working with the vulnerable.

LOCATION: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

AIM: A food market ON the hospital campus to provide fresh food and produce to hospital employees and surrounding communities. 

[Part of more than 50 Kaiser and another 50 non-Kaiser hospitals that are doing this since 2003].

LOCATION:  Fresno, California USA

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