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We do actual research. Not the search-the-internet-for-a-day kind of work. Some of the organizations and people on Quiet Value we have followed up for years. That's right, years! Adding and updating as we progressed along the years. (Another advantage of Quiet Value. We revisit our cases ever so often and make necessary changes). Social innovations change and morph over time, that is their nature and we make sure we capture that!


Shown below is a simplified version of how we analyze the information for each of our case study projects.

step 1 - identification
step 2- The research question

Identify relevant social innovations / thought leaders using Quiet Value Criteria. Approach them, follow-up and confirm participation. (This sometimes takes months!! But if we think this is a good fit, we do it anyway.) 

Arrive at a basic research question/s: Depending on whether it is Process Analysis , Organizational Analysis or a Creative Thinker project, we frame basic questions. 

We then narrow down parameters for each individual project and start with the data collection process.

Research Method rev 1.PNG

Methodology Graphic by A Saligrama. Oct 2018

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