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How it Works

how it works...

We've simplified things so you get the most of your time....

All we ask is a name and email, really, that's all!!

Make sure you read the Terms  & Conditions and Privacy Policy before you dive into Quiet Value.


 We are very particular that everyone gets the most from this, and this being a rather specialized and specific area of interest, we stand by our rules rather strongly!

Probably the best place to start your Quiet value journey. It will help clear a lot of things right at the beginning.


We have cross referenced and simplified all the case studies so you can spend more time browsing the cases & seek commonality with your own idea.

The Who Am I ? section clearly outlines the various roles within the field of social innovation and enterprise and helps you identify where you fit in.

The Glossary is another excellent place to start, whether as a newcomer to the field or for brushing up on the basics.

In addition to what you see on the site, you can always request more information and details on any of the cases, or post a query.  Every effort will be made to procure an answer for you, or, at least put you on the path to getting your answer!

You can even nominate yourself or someone else you think should be covered on Quiet Value.

 Innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world have taken / are taking the time to talk you through their journey in a bid to help you in some very practical ways.


We have taken a qualitative approach to this, with rigorous research and extensive analyses. Every case is given  personal attention [as in, a human being, not 'bot'] and your requests attended to with interest. 

Sign-up below and join us, benefit from others and contribute your own story to make this venture a success!

That's it!! You're all set. Sign up below!

our methodology...

We do actual research. Not the search-the-internet-for-a-day kind of work. Some of the organizations and people on Quiet Value we have followed up for years. That's right, years! Adding and updating as we progressed along the years. (Another advantage of Quiet Value. We revisit our cases ever so often and make necessary changes). Social innovations change and morph over time, that is their nature and we make sure we capture that!


Shown below is a simplified version of how we analyze the information for each of our case study projects.

step 1 - identification
step 2- The research question

Identify relevant social innovations / thought leaders using Quiet Value Criteria. Approach them, follow-up and confirm participation. (This sometimes takes months!! But if we think this is a good fit, we do it anyway.) 

Arrive at a basic research question/s: Depending on whether it is Process Analysis , Organizational Analysis or a Creative Thinker project, we frame basic questions. 

We then narrow down parameters for each individual project and start with the data collection process.

Research Method rev 1.PNG

Methodology Graphic by A Saligrama. Oct 2018

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