Sorting social innovations and innovators into sectors is probably the hardest way to categorize them, mainly because many a time, the real innovation lies not in the final output / outcome but in the factors that drives the innovation - it could be the operational model, the manner in which resources are utilized, in use of manpower or technology or simply the use of geography- the urban/rural layout where the innovation is situated.

This type of sector-based categorization is also important because people simply want to know what kinds of work is being done in what sectors.

We analyze and sort the innovations/innovators in conjunction with the factors [which we coin 'drivers'], that drive the idea into implementation, then self-sustenance and scaling. The same drivers are utilized across sectors by the innovators, showing not only the versatility of some of these drivers but also serving as idea springboards for those aspiring or wanting to support. 

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innovations &
law & legal rights
capacity building
food & nutrition

New Model of Delivery / Location / Women & Children


New Model of Delivery / Transportation /

Urban-Rural Layout

Creating Access

/ Location 


Urban Footprint / High Quality Construction / Seamless Integration


Big City Tourism / Earning Income - Confidence Building / Channel existing skills


Big City Tourism / Govt. Scheme for the vulnerable / Channel existing skills


Women & Children / Theater and Drama


Life and Financial Planning for the Disabled and Vulnerable


Citizens' Rights/ Public Safety / Brand Leverage


Creative Thinker Series...

Creating a new market / Market Demand


Brand Leverage /

Local Culture / Facilitator-Intrapreneurial venture