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Share your story

Tell us your story. About your experience in the field of social innovation, enterprise and purpose.


Was there an aha moment that made you realize something big, was there an annoying experience? Did you have to speak to a room full of people about it and drew a complete blank? Did you meet an innovator whose idea or story inspired you?

Tell us why you think it is important to be socially innovative and entrepreneurial. What are some issues you think are important that everyone should know about?

As someone in the for profit corporate world, what is your exposure and experience and ideas about social innovation and enterprise??

Go on, tell us. We will publish it here, in your own words. As we strive to popularize the field and get conversations going, hearing from our members, from the global community somehow makes it more personal, more authentic! 

If you'd rather keep it simple and not go through the hassle of using a form, please email us directly here.

Do not forget you add you name, designation, LinkedIn URL, a picture of yourself and of course, your story.


Story time!

why be featured??


Use this as a publicity tool! This is not just another blog submission or readers comment. This is way bigger than that. This showcases your insight into the field. You can add this link to your social and professional media profiles.


Help others around the world!  Your views might spark something in someone else, or bring to light information that everyone has managed to ignore!! I


As you contribute link it and spread the word, the field grows, more people take part in it, become aware and maybe take the next step into doing something about societal betterment!

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